President Viktor Yanukovych has instructed Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko and State Penitentiary Service Head Oleksandr Lisitskov to take measures to ensure the strict observance of constitutional rights and freedoms of persons who are suspects, accused, or held in custody, presidential press office reports.

The President instructed Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka to study the factors influencing the speed at which criminal cases with the accused held in custody are considered in courts, and take measures to ensure that public prosecutors take part in that consideration.

In addition, the President suggested that the Prosecutor General's Office constantly checked if its decisions to choose custody as the form of detention and prolong detention are well justified.

Moreover, President Yanukovych has suggested that High Qualification Commission of Judges Chairman Ihor Samsin and High Council of Justice Chairman Volodymyr Kolesnichenko analyzed cases violations of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens by courts, especially when choosing detention measures, as well as during the consideration of criminal cases in which defendants are held in custody, and decide on a response to such violations.

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