The Association agreement itself is not the path to EU membership, but an intermediate stop on the way, foreign minister of Ukraine Konstantyn Hryshchenko said during the international debates "Ukraine-EU at the Rubicon", ForUm correspondent reports.

"I really hope to be able to overpersuade skeptics in the EU, who believe that the Association agreement is maximum Ukraine can count for. True, the idea of expansion does not rouse such enthusiasm in Europe as it used to, but it is due to global challenges of the economic crisis and its manifestation in the European zone," Hryshchenko said.

According to him, it is a paradoxical situation when poorer European countries have more optimism regarding the integration perspectives, than the rich ones. "When big countries ask what to do, the younger EU countries and candidates ask when and how," the minister underlined.

The official added that whatever problems the EU has, it still remains the example of success in Ukraine's surroundings. "First of all, the EU personifies democracy and economic progress. The European idea charges with energy our active layers of the society - students, entrepreneurs, public activists, everyone we call the middle class. The slogan "More Europe!" rouses hope among us, and we expect it to become a reality," Hryshchenko summed up.


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