Speaker of Ukraine's parliament Volodymyr Lytvyn declares that the draft bill by MP Vadym Kolesnichenko on state language policy divides Ukrainian society, ForUm correspondent reports.

"I asked MPs to study the recommendations of European structures and then express opinion on the document," he said. Lytvyn believes that the norm of the draft bill, which gives the language minorities the same rights as the bearers of the state language, meet the European practice, but in the Ukrainian reality may result into tension within the society.

"This norm has been taken from the European practice, but we must determine how many people actually declare other language, apart from the state one. Another question is money. Though the draft bill provides for no additional spending from the state budget, I believe it won't be like this. We will have to spend bunch of money to put into practice this law. But the main point is that though everyone must have a right to speak native language, we should not forget that we live in Ukraine and we must have common state language, otherwise we would never be a united nation," Lytyvn summed up.


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