Party of Regions faction in the parliament insists on urgent consideration of draft bills on languages and deputies' immunity, the faction leader Oleksandr Yefremov told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

"In order to prevent any misinterpretation on this draft bill we have prepared a sort of a resolution, so-called road map, which must be voted by the parliament in order to finally adopt the law on cancellation of deputies' immunity. As far as I understand not all colleagues want this draft bill to be passed, but we will insist on the cancellation of the immunity," he said.

Yefremov also added that the Party of Regions also insists on adoption of the draft bill on languages. "The first variant of the draft bill was criticized by European institutions, so we have prepared another one - from MP Kolesnichenko. His draft bill includes all recommendations by the Venice Commission and observes the norms of European language charter. We will insist on the inclusion of this document into agenda," the MP said.

Speaking about the draft bill on languages Yefremov explained that according to the bill, if 10 or more percent of the population of this or that region speaks non-state language, the local authorities have to keep documentation and receive citizens in the language of this minority group.


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