Rearrangements in the branches of Russian power have finally finished. Vladimir Putin has become the president again, while Dmitriy Medvedev has returned to the PM's post.

Ukraine's and Russia's PMs have already discussed further cooperation between the countries, assuring each other that the cooperation will be mutually beneficial and fruitful.

ForUm has asked experts and politicians whether the governments of Ukraine and Russia will manage to set dynamic cooperation.

Boris Nemtsov, Russian politician:

- Tension in relations will remain. Ukraine mistakenly believes into soft, comparing to Putin's, policy of Medvedev. It's not true. Medvedev is not a politician. There is only one ruler in Russia, and his name is not Medvedev.

Hence, Moscow's attitude towards Ukraine has not changed. Trade wars of any kind will be continued. Gazprom is a personal business of Putin, and he will fight for it.

Kost Bondarenko, head of the Institute of Ukrainian politics:

- The tandem in Russia changes by the principle "good cop-bad cop". Now the game is played by the "bad cop", and I believe that Russia will toughen its positions regarding Ukraine.

Besides, we should take into account the tandem Moscow-Berlin. Ukraine will be pressed from both side, and Ukrainian Foreign Ministry will have to show its wizardry in order to preserve country's sovereignty and to observe national interests.

It's going to be "fun". In fact it is already "fun". Everything what is going on around Yalta summit and Euro-2012 is definitely staged by these two centers of influence in modern Eurasia.

Vadym Kolesnichenko, MP of Ukraine (Party of Regions):

- I think nothing is going to change drastically, but relations will continue to develop. Certain dynamics may appear after the parliamentary elections in Ukraine. President Viktor Yanukovych follows pro-national policy, and it is very difficult to carry out, because Russia and Europe do not want an equal partner, but a dependent one.

Vadym Karasiov, director of Kyiv institute on global strategies:

- Fruitful cooperation between two governments is possible only under the condition of common agenda. For now the sides have different goals. Russia wants Ukraine to join the Customs Union with further participation in the Eurasian union, while Ukraine wants Russia to revise gas contracts and to set new gas price.

Such divergence of interests will last for a long period of time, generating tension between the states. Our relations are neither friendship nor war, and they will remain like this in the nearest future.

Volodymyr Kornilov, director of Ukrainian branch of CIS Institute:

- Russia is a presidential country, and we should consider possible changes taking into account the fact that Vladimir Putin is the president.

Both Medvedev and Putin have already been in this role, so there is no point to expect drastic changes or some burst of progress. The important thing is that the election processes have finished in Russia, and the authorities start considering all issues and questions, which have appeared for this time.

Such questions are plenty, and I think both states will take a number of important decisions soon.


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