Prosecutor's General Office has made a decision to refuse the institution of a criminal case on violence against former premier Yulia Tymoshenko, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to the PG, the Kharkiv prosecution conducted investigation and interrogated more than 80 witnesses, including workers of the Penitentiary service and medical assistants, who declared that Tymoshenko agreed to move and undergo treatment in Kharkiv hospital. "She agreed to go there voluntary. On April 21 doctors proposed to undergo preliminary examination, but she refused. On April 22 she received a repeated offer, but refused again," Pshonka told the press.

After that, according to Pshonka, Tymoshenko demanded to be brought back to prison, which was carried out immediately.

He also declared that Tymoshenko's bruises cannot be a proof from legal point of view, as to establish the fact of assault the conclusion of medico-legal experts is needed. "The rest is beyond the law,' the Prosecutor General underlined.

Pshonka also declared that Tymoshenko's declarations on hunger strike had not been confirmed. According to the official, if a detainee declares a hunger strike he or she must first deliver a statement and then to stay in separate premises, where there is no access to food.
He added that Tymoshenko is still staying in her cell and has access to the fridge with food. "She has been drinking only juice and water lately, but no health problems have been detected in this connection for now," Pshonka summed up.


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