The Kyiv international institute of sociology has published the data of the public survey, held in the second half of April. According to the poll, the Party of Regions leads the popularity rating among political parties with 19.15 of votes, while Batkivshchyna has 10.7% and Front of changes - 7.3%.
The survey was held before the announcement by the opposition to form a single list, hence reveals the data about separate parties.

UDAR of Vitaly Klichko and Communist party with 6.7% and 5.7% respectively have all chances to pass to the parliament, while the parties "Svoboda" (3.0%) and "Ukraine - Go ahead" (2.8%) will have to fight for attention of voters.

The Party of Regions is not only the leader in the popularity list, but its rating also exceeds the arithmetically added ratings of both Batkivshchyna and Front of changes. The Party of Regions holds the absolute leadership among regular party followers and among those who intend to take part in the elections.

The survey was held April 12-24 in all regions of Ukraine among population over 18 with 2040 respondents participating.

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