Blasts in Dnipropetrovsk were the work of professionals, an independent expert on security, member of International academy of ecology and security (Russia), New York academy of science and Ukrainian academy of security Volodymyr Zakhmatov told the press, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to the expert, there were cases of blasts in Dnipropetrovsk before, but they were mainly of criminal character; and for criminal groups the series of mass destruction bombing are unlike them.

"Why do I believe it was the work of professionals? First of all, the placement of bombs was chosen very thoughtfully. A garbage bin is one of the best shells, as it breaks into many pieces. The moment of explosion was also chosen not occasionally, but exactly at the time when a tram stops and people are coming out," he explained.

According to Zakhmatov, those who initiated the blasts made sure there would be many victims. He also noted that the worst damage was caused by the fist blast.

"I believe that the first explosion was initiated remotely, while the other blasts were probably of chemical reaction," Zakhmatov said.

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