Terrorist act in Dnipropetrovsk has nothing to do with political events in Ukraine, head of the main investigation department of the Interior Ministry Vasyl Farinnik told TV channel "Inter".

"I don't see any politics in it. The events are of criminal character. The case was instituted by the article "terrorist act", as such actions were aimed at hurting people and causing mass panic," he declared.

Farinnik also informed that information on that the explosive devices were set off with the help of mobile phones has not been confirmed.

"Probably the bombs exploded due to some chemical reaction. We know such devices," the official added.

In his turn, deputy head of the Security Service of Ukraine Volodymyr Rokitski asked politicians to "hold their horses and not to whip up hysteria" around the events in Dnipropetrovsk.

"People have been hurt and are worried now, and you should not take advantage of this situation. Law enforcements will calmly investigate into the case to find those involved," the official said.

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