The Ukrainian Democratic Alliance for Reform (UDAR) Party led by Vitali Klitschko hopes to receive at least 60 seats in parliament after the elections in 2012.

Party leader Vitali Klitschko announced this in an interview with Kommersant-Ukraine, UKRINFORM reports.

"By preserving the dynamics of our political party, we can count on more than 15% of the vote. These are about 30-40 seats under party lists. In single-member constituencies, I think, we will be able to get at least 35 more seats, or possibly more. Our goal is to form a parliamentary faction of at least 60 people," he said.

While speaking about decision that can be expected at the upcoming party congress (on April 28), Klitschko said: "The congress sets the task of forming an efficient team that will have a concrete task - to get the best results at these elections that are important for us and the country."

In addition, he said: "We'll talk about our election campaign strategy and discuss the principles with respect to our future candidates. We will introduce our young people, because support for the party is currently growing, including at the expense of young people, and we will fight for their votes and their active involvement in our political party."

At the same time, the UDAR Party leader declined to name the top five on the party list. He said that this was a task for a pre-election party congress that will be held in terms set by law, in summer, after the start of the parliamentary election campaign.

"Let me just note that we are not planning to make our list of candidates closed. It will be open from the first to the last - 450th candidate, and the biography of each of them will be available," Klitschko said, adding that he bears personal responsibility for the moral qualities of each candidate on the list.

When asked what sources are used to finance the party, Klitschko said: "Most current political parties are funded from the top: the party structure is built, and as soon as financing from the top stops, the party ceases to exist. Our party is funded under an entirely different principle. Our task is to build a party on the basis of ideology and unite people around ideas, rather than around money and posts."

He also added that "there are many people who make contributions, but they do not want to be public."

"I assumed a certain part of funding, because my income allows me to support the party," Klitschko said, noting that the party's election campaign is estimated to be worth millions of U.S. dollars.

Klitschko also confirmed that the UDAR Party is planning to participate independently in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, which will be held on October 28.

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