New York, April 25th. The exhibition of pictures by modern Ukrainian artist Galyna Moskvitina has started at Alexandre Gertsman Contemporary Art Gallery on Broadway.The exhibition continues the world tour of the "Code of Light" paintings which was successfully held in Tel Aviv, Milan, Kiev and London.

Every time the artist demonstrates a creative approach to her activities, offering something new to the audience.The current exhibition carries 25 works, some of which were exhibited during the world tour, and others are demonstrated for the first time.In addition, an album of replicas of the new paintings was presented.It was published just before the opening of the New York exhibition.The opening ceremony was conducted by the Arcane Art Private Foundation, which organized the world tour, as Moskvitina as usual was absent during the event.Traditionally, she avoids publicity and communicates with the audience through her paintings.
According to the visitors of the "Code of Light" exhibition, and the Consul of Ukraine in New York was also among those present,paintings stand out among other works of contemporary art as they provoke an immediate emotional response in the viewer’s soul."You cannot stop looking at the paintings.It seems like they actually radiate light, which, enveloping the body and mind, penetrates into the essence of your soul, right into the heart.I feel happy and sad at the same time and stop thinking about anything. It's a kind of magnetism, a soaring of the soul which lasts forever "- a visitor shares his impressions.

"Уou're showing something new to America " ​​- said a well-known art journalist David Masello.

As you may know, Galyna Moskvitina is the only artist who works in the "laternative realism" style. This style investigates the concepts of the soul, the spirit, and their development.Her paintings are called “lightangs” - from Latin words "light" and "anchor", which means “anchors of light on Earth”. "To date, Moskvitina’s works are becoming fashionable and popular in the art community of Ukraine and Europe.Many of her paintings are kept in private funds and collections.Two of her works were sold at Bonhams and MacDougall's – the famous British auction houses.

According to the representatives of the Arcane Art Foundation, the New York exhibition will be open till the 7thof May.

Information about Galyna Moskvitina

GalynaMoskvitina is a founder ofthe "laternativny realism" style.This style is
based on a peculiar perception of light and the usage of conceptual images that are closely associated with notions of light, luminance and luminescence.Paintings created in this style are called “svetangs(“lightangs”).They are an expression of spiritual experiences reflected in the pictorial form and woven by the subtle movementof the soul; they are an expression of the space oflight in the objective world.

Having gained recognition as a graphic artist and illustrator, Moskvitina disappeared from the art scene, spending many years in the East, where she studied the ancient secrets of self-perfection.Her recent comeback to the art scene acquired a new quality as the artist worked hard to create a synthesis of the spiritual knowledge of the East and the West and to adapt them to the Western mind.

Some experts believe that Galyna Moskvitina is one of those few who went ahead of their time into the bright tomorrow of mankind.In the artist’s own words: "Our misfortune is that there are not a lot of people who can carry awareness of love and joy. Contemporary art often becomes the art of scandal. My art is the art of acquiring inner light. In fact, all styles are perfectly all right because the beauty of life lies in its diversity. Anyway, I believe that the art should not be isolated from the human faith, hope and love. Real art should give wings to the heart and enrich the soul, otherwise it has no meaning.


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