The unification of the Front for Change and Batkivshchyna parties is related to Arseniy Yatseniuk's personal desire to win the presidential election in 2015, Director of the Situations Modeling Agency Vitaliy Bala said at a press conference on Monday, UKRINFORM reported.

"In fact, Front for Change is saving Batkivshchyna, but why does Yatseniuk need that? Yatseniuk wants to be president, and he had to pretend that the united opposition would nominate a single presidential candidate," Bala said, adding that Yatseniuk put his personal interests above the interests of the party.

According to the political scientist, people who have already been in power are currently joining the opposition.

"It's necessary to unite not to solve some personal issues. It's necessary to unite on the basis of specific ideas and proposals for society," the analyst said, adding that unification against someone cannot be durable.

While characterizing the actions of some opposition leaders, Bala said that, for example, if Svoboda Party leader Oleh Tiahnybok decides to run in a separate single-member constituency, "it will be a blow to the party."

As for UDAR Party leader Vitali Klitschko, the political scientist said that he is in a two-dimensional imaginary space: "The man who used to always win sees only black or white. It cannot be so in politics. There is a big gap between 'lose or win,' there's a question of compromises, agreements, consultations, and the forecasting of future results." If Klitschko wants to have real results on party lists, he has to build his party, he added.

While comparing the actions of the government and the united opposition before parliamentary elections, Bala said that in order to ensure success in the next parliamentary elections, the government should do everything openly and transparently.

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