It is practically impossible to forge tickets for Euro-2012 matches, UEFA Euro-2012 tournament director in Ukraine Markian Lubrivski said during the presentation of ticket's design, ForUm correspondent reports.

In particular, the official informed that tickets have several layers of defense and UEFA believes it is impossible to forge them. According to operation director of UEFA Events S.A. Martin Kallen, every ticket has ten defense elements, including a hologram, codes and others.

"Volunteers will have 5-6 elements to confirm validity of the ticket," Kallen pointed out.
Lubkivski also said that the ticket design meets the traditions of the championship, taking into account all national elements of Poland and Ukraine.

According to him, all tickets are personalized, and even though there is no passport control at the entrance, there can be random check of documents. "If a steward has any doubts about legality of the ticket, the owner of such ticket will be denied access," he said.

Lubkivski also informed that there already were attempts to forge tickets. "It's not a mass process, but there were some cases," the official noted.

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