Today head of the Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Popov has signed a memorandum of cooperation with participants Kyiv City Open Doors forum, namely representatives of 11 U.S. venture capital funds.

The sides have agreed to join efforts and use all possibilities and resources to strengthen economic attractiveness of technological projects by means of implementation of innovation ideas of Ukrainian developers in the world production.

The investors were surprised with the high level of preparation of Kyiv IT-specialists, with a big number of interesting projects and with globality and mass scale of their use and purpose. The investors have noted huge potential of Ukraine's capital regarding IT-technologies and have admitted they did not expect such high level of skills among Kyiv specialists.

Popov said that American investors showed particular interest in the project for the creation in Kyiv of an analogue of Silicon Valley (USA) at the innovation park Bionic Hill. "They are willing to cooperate with us in this project," the city administration chairman said.

As reported the city authorities are planning to begin in the fall of 2012 the construction of the innovation park Bionic Hill (equivalent of Silicon Valley, USA) on the territory of 147 hectares near the village Kotsiubynske outside Kyiv.

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