60.9% of Ukrainians will not be able to pay for housing and communal services if gas tariffs are increased. Such data was published by the social service of International public organization "Center of development projects and programs."

If in 2011 Ukrainians paid 97.8% of the accrued sums for communal services, then after the tariff increase 60.9% of citizens would not be able to pay for these services. 28.7% of citizen will be able to pay, but it will hit badly their pockets, 4.4% of respondents found it difficult to respond, while 1.2% are not consumers of communal services and do not pay at all, "RBK-Ukraine" informs.

According to the survey, the part of families, which can easily pay for communal services at increased tariffs, makes 4.8%.

Hence, according to the sociologists' conclusions, the regular increase of tariffs for gas will simply lead to a sharp decline of the level of payment for communal services by the population and to additional load on the state budget. For now, any tariff increase requires compensation mechanisms for the population. Otherwise, it will just worsen the bad enough situation in the sphere of the housing and communal services.

The survey was held by the social service of International public organization "Center of development projects and programs" from April 2 to April 9, 2012. The total of 2011 respondents over 18 was questioned in all regions of Ukraine, Kyiv and Crimea.

As a reminder, in 2011 Ukrainians paid 35.8 billion hryvnais or 97.8% of the accrued sum for the communal services. The highest level of payment for communal services was registered in Odesa, Zakarpattya, Lviv and Khmelnitsk regions (100.7-102.8%) and the lowest level - in Crimea, Dnipropetrovs'k and Luhansk regions (94.1-95.3%).

IMF insists that gas tariffs for population match up with the price level for Russian gas. This is one of the key requirements to restart the stand by program and to get the next loan tranche.  

In their turn President Viktor Yanukovych and Premier Mykola Azarov exclude any possibility of gas tariffs increase without implementation of compensation mechanisms for the population, introduction of energy saving programs and continuation of gas talks with Russia. "When we get the fair gas price, our people will pay it," Azarov said. Otherwise, payment defaults are inevitable, the government believes.

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