Heating system in Ukraine should remain centralized, head of the European-Ukrainian Energy Agency Dave Young told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"There are more and more local and individual boiler houses appearing in Ukraine, but it is not the best solution of the problem. For example, individual boilers keep the country dependent on Russian gas and limit the possibility use cheaper alternative energy sources and secondary energy resources," the expert said.

Among the secondary energy resources he named biomass, local waste, excessive heat from industrial objects (stream, hot water). Such secondary energy heats whole cities in Western countries, which allow minimizing the tariffs, Young says.

"Individual use of boilers is life threatening, the boilers themselves are harmful for environment and energy inefficient," the expert added.

Young is convinced that the operation of centralized heating networks must be intended for consumers' interests. "A resident must have an opportunity to sign bilateral agreement with energy suppliers in order to increase competitiveness between them, and consequently the quality of service," the expert believes.

According to Young, Ukraine needs a long-term program of development of heating system, including introduction of modern heating points, restoration of heating pipelines, modern heat-insulation, which would be financed by private investors jointly with the state.

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