The population census will provide accurate data on the racial, ethnic and national composition of the population of Ukraine, director of the demography and social research Institute Ella Libanova told ForUm.

She noted that the all-European tendency of the reduction of Caucasian race and the rise of other races can be observed in Ukraine.

"The Caucasian race in the world lives under the law of limited recreation, when the race representatives die more often than are born, while Asian and African races live under the law of extended recreation, when the number of births considerably exceeds the number of deaths," the official explained.

According to her, such tendency turns the demographic changes into political. "Statements by the leaders of Western countries, in particular, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, about the failure of the policy of multiculturalism are not random," she said.

Libanova believes that not a single country can set barriers against migration flows. "I don't see how it can be done, when the process of recreation of non-title race is undergoing already within European countries," she said.

Speaking about Ukraine, the official said that such tendency awaits our country as well. "I don't know a single country, which has managed to stop the flow of illegal migration. Migrants will keep coming to us despite the fact that our country is less attractive comparing to European countries. I am eager to see the results of the population census to know the number of illegal migrants in Ukraine," she said.

Libanova forecasts that comparing to 2001 (the latest population census) now there are many natives of South Asia, namely Korea and China, living in Ukraine.

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