Vice speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Mykola Tomenko believes that Kyiv authorities should hold local referendums on preservation of historical monuments, for example, of Andriyivskyi Descent, and not on whether the citizens of Kyiv want to increase their pensions and salaries, as the answer to the latter question is obvious, parliamentary press office reports.

According to Tomenko, "the tragedy today is that preservation, restoration and reconstruction of historical monuments is in the hands of anyone and everyone: officials, businessmen, priests, laymen; and in fact, this should be in the competence of experts who specialize in Ukrainian culture, restoration, museums, etc."

"We should not behave like Arab or American businessmen who are competing to build a newer, higher and better skyscraper from glass and concrete. We are the country with great history and it is much more important for us to preserve the monuments of Kyiv Rus, Cossack epoch or even XIX century," Tomenko stressed.

The official is convinced that the problem with Andriyivskyi Descent appeared because the state does not have a consistent policy in this respect. "This is why the officials and businessmen consider it more important to build an office center or a mall than preserving the buildings of the old Kyiv," he added.

Mykola Tomenko advised that the administration of the Kyiv City State Administration should not publish image articles on their democratism and advertise referendums on increase of pensions and salaries at budgetary costs. "No country of the world has the precedent of a referendum concerning improvement of life of their people and increase of pensions or salaries," the vice speaker stressed.

According to him, the referendum should be held in regard to matters of principle that bother the whole community and where the authorities need to have people's agreement. "They should have held a referendum on whether the citizens of Kyiv support the present reconstruction of the Andriyivskyi Descent which demolishes old buildings and constructs the XXI century buildings instead," stressed the politician. "This kind of referendum on protection of history and architecture would be more appropriate," he added.

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