Chief sanitary inspector of Russia Gennadiy Onishchenko declares that if an outbreak of cholera repeats this year the Ukrainian-Russian border will be closed.

"Visiting Ukraine last week, I held a meeting with deputy head of the government, and I told them that if the situation with cholera, which took place in Mariupol last year, repeats we will close the border,” Onishchenko told a press conference in Moscow, UNIAN reports.

Onishchenko also underlined that the authorities must understand what closed borders will result in. "Now we are working together to find a way of dealing with such things before the season starts," the official added.

As a reminder, a cholera outbreak was registered in Donetsk region last summer. Sanitary and epidemiologic department announced that waters falling into Azov Sea were the source of the disease. According to scientists, cholera was imported.

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