Children with special physical needs will study in ordinary schools together with other children, education minister Dmytro Tabachnyk said in an interview, press office of the Ministry reports.

The minister noted that Soviet education system was conservative on this issue, while the progressive position is to socialize such children to the maximum, to let them study and work in ordinary schools, but with certain corrections and under supervision of psychologists. "We have about 120 thousand children with special needs and they must be integrated into school groups," Tabachnyk said.

In 2011 the legislation settled the issue on inclusive education and worked out a concept and requirements for educational establishments. The government also considered the issue of conflicting attitude of parents of other children and their possible resistance to the fact that children with Down syndrome may study with their children.
"This is a complicated social and psychological problem, and sometimes I come across with such incomprehension. I always try to explain that the school must teach to show humanism and sympathy to those who are weaker," Tabachnyk said.

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