The Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry of Ukraine supports the proposed introduction of a duty for the use of farm lands to the amount of 1% of its normative money value.

Director for economic development and agrarian market of the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry Serhiy Kvasha has said about this at the third forum “Agro 2012: Evolution of Agrarian Markets,” which completed in Kyiv, UKRINFORM reports.

“We support this proposal (head of the VR branch Committee Hryhory Kaletnyk), since we believe that in case of absence of solidarity and responsibility of business for those conditions, in which it works, it will be unfair, because business uses roads and the infrastructure, which had been constructed over previous years,” the ministry representative has said.

According to him, there are examples, when companies really participate in development of the village social infrastructure. However, it is not typical as a whole. So, adoption of the aforementioned norm is strategically important for development of village territories and communities, Kvasha believes.

“Without doubt, the best way would be doing this at the expense of the state budget. But difficult financial state and absence of the necessary lobbying on the part of the society and producers do not create such possibilities for the use of state funds,” the department head summed up.

To remind, draft law No. 10051 “On Making Amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine on Duties for the Use of Farm Lands,” has been registered in the Parliament February 15. Its author, head of the VR Committee on the agrarian policy and land relations Hryhoriy Kaletnyk proposes to expand incomes of local budgets at the expense of introduction of a duty for the use of farm land plots to the amount of 1% of the land normative money value.

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