Education minister of Ukraine Dmytro Tabachnyk declares that the number of teachers of pension age makes 23% of the total number of educators.

"About 23% of teachers in Ukraine are pensioners," Tabachnyk said in an interview with "Gazeta 2000", noting that among them there are many brilliant specialists.

The minister informed that his department pays close attention to the problem of ageing of teaching staff. "I stand against the conversion of pedagogical universities into multidisciplinary ones. Nine regions have already lost their pedagogical universities," Tabachnyk added.

According to the official, in order to solve the problem of ageing of teaching staff the Education Ministry insists on salary increase and on increase of state order for pedagogical professions.

The minister informed that already for the third year in a row the Education Ministry has been asking for means from the state budget to renovate the teachers' preparation system. "Unfortunately, we have not come to understanding with the Finance Ministry yet," Tabachnyk said.

The minister also informed that his department is working on a new concept of pedagogical education development and plans to present in to public by the end of May.

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