Ukraine's Constitutional Court has ruled unconstitutional the provision in the Law on Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine, according to which voters living outside of Ukraine shall elect majority MPs from the city of Kyiv.

This was reported by the Party of Regions faction member Dmytro Shpenov, who submitted the relevant appeal to the Constitutional Court, the MP's press service reported, according to UKRINFORM.

"Part 2, Article 22 of the Law, in fact, envisages that the votes from overseas polling stations shall be taken into account in single-member election districts created in Kyiv, which, first, negates the essential link between people's deputies and voters and does not create the conditions for effective representation of the voters' interests. Secondly, the principle of approximately equal number of votes for one seat is violated, as votes from overseas polling stations will be taken into account only in the electoral districts of Kyiv," the MP said.

In addition, unequal conditions for campaigning were created, as it will be difficult and sometimes impossible for the candidates nominated in the districts in Kyiv to carry out propaganda campaign in overseas constituencies.

Shpenov noted that, according to the State Register of Voters, Kyiv's registry includes 2,160,428 voters, and overseas' 438,223 voters. That is, taking into account overseas polling stations in the capital city, the number of votes could increase by 20%.

The MP said that in the constitutional petition it was noted that the provision of Part 2, Article 22 of the Law of Ukraine on Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine is not aimed at ensuring effective and equitable representation of citizens included in voter lists at polling stations, and violates the principle of equal suffrage.

This motion was considered as urgent, since, in accordance with the Law, the Central Election Commission shall determine the number of electoral districts 200 days before the election, and this is the beginning of next week.

"The Constitutional Court agreed with the legal justification for the reasons stated in the constitutional petition, and this provision was found unconstitutional," Shpenov underscored.

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