Ukraine has reached certain progress in negotiations on diversified gas supplies in the country, vice PM Valery Khoroshkovski said in an interview with BBC Ukraine.

"I can confirm that the negotiations are in process. Certain talks have already brought a success and Ukraine will have other sources of gas supplies," the official said.

However, the vice PM refused to name companies and countries, as well as possible routes, having referred to a commercial secret. "This is a commercial secret, this is a process which needs quiet work," he added.

Khoroshkovski also confirmed the readiness of Ukraine's authorities to create three-partied consortium on managing Ukrainian GTS, which would allow Ukraine to keep its status of transit country.

"The plan has been work out, and it provides for three parties to take part in the project - Russia as a supplier, Europe as a consumer and Ukraine as a transit country. Now the question is to get all parties interested in this project so that our pipeline continues its existence and works on maximum," the official pointed out.

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