Vice PM on humanitarian affairs and Health Minister of Ukraine Raisa Bohatyryova believes it is risky to adopt legislation, which will ban abortions in Ukraine.

"There was similar practice in the Soviet Union, when abortions were officially banned and severely punished, and statistics was awful," the Minister told a press conference on Friday.

According to her, in Ukraine "if a person needs something, this person will always find a way to get it or will find someone who can provide whatever is necessary."

"The return (to the experience of the Soviet Union - ed.) and sending such operations to underground will do no good," Bohatyryova said.

The official also noted she does not approve abortions, but this choice must be left to people.
As a reminder, at the beginning of March heads of Ukrainian Greco-Catholic and Roman-Catholic churches addressed the parliament of Ukraine with a request to change the legislation and to ban abortions in Ukraine.

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