The majority of Ukrainains does not know how to react in case of a terrorist attack, project manager of charity fund "Planet of mutual help" Iryna Chornobryvetsk announced, commenting on the results of the public survey on the awareness level of Ukrainians regarding terrorism and extremism threats and adequate behavior in extreme situations, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to the survey, 80% of respondent do not know what to do in case of a terrorist attack. 47% believe the terrorism is a serious problem for all countries without exception. Chornobryvetsk also informed that half of the respondent admits the possibility of a terrorist attack in Ukraine.

The survey was held in host-cities for Euro-2012 with 2000 respondents from 18 to 65 years old. Lviv residents consider themselves the most prepared for extreme situations, while Odesa residents believe they are the least prepared.


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