Law-enforcement bodies will not take into consideration the political belonging of this or other detected corruptive officials, but they will act in compliance with requirements of the applicable legislation, Interior Minister Vitaliy Zakharchenko said on its blog on the UKRINFORM website.

“I often have to hear accusations in the bias of law-enforcement bodies in such issues as revealing and stopping of corruption manifestations. In particular, several similar questions were on the blog. Allegedly, only representatives of oppositional political forces are caught, and pro-power politicians are not touched,” the Minister writes. He emphasized that law-enforcement bodies “will not take into consideration political belonging or this or other revealed corruptionist, but they will act in compliance with requirements of the applicable legislation.”

The official specified that over 160 deputies of various levels of government and different party affiliations were called to account in 2010. Most were from the Regions Party and the BYT - 51 from each party, Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense - 37, 16 representatives of the Lytvyn Bloc, and eight members of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Last year, according to the interior minister, 179 deputies were prosecuted. Among them were 85 Regions Party deputies, 40 BYT deputies, 33 OU-PSD deputies, ten Communist Party deputies, seven Lytvyn Bloc deputies, three Strong Ukraine Party deputies and one Svoboda Party deputy.

This year, 49 deputies were called to account, in particular, 30 Regions Party deputies, 11 BYT deputies, five OU-PSD deputies, one Communist Party deputy and two Svoboda Party deputies, Zakharchenko wrote.

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