Governor of Kyiv region Anatoly Prysiazhnuik has visited a newly built electric power plant in Podgortsy village, which will produce electricity from toxic gases, released in the process of waste decomposition.

Press office of the Kyiv regional administration reported that there is more than 10 million tons of waste on the landfill of hard domestic waste. In the process of decomposition the waste produces more than 50 tons of biogas annually, absorbed by the atmosphere, which is the biggest ecological problem of the region.

After put in operation the electric power plant will produce electricity from this biogas. A pumping station will create vacuum in 42 boreholes, dug out on the landfill, to conserve the gas and deliver it to a generator for further processing into electricity.

"Now the power plant is working in a testing mode, but workers promise to release electricity into the public net in two-three weeks. Such unique device produces about 450 kilowatt per hour. We have enough waste for 15 years of work of such plant," the report says.

"It is the first time we started produce electricity from waste in Ukraine. Now we are considering capacities of other landfills. I stand for construction of similar electric power plants on the territory of landfills to produce energy for the region," the governor said.

Kyiv region authorities plan to build minimum five electric power plants for biogas.

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