Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov has called upon controling departments and local officials to deprive drugstores of licenses for selling medicines at prices, higher than the referent ones.

"Eight out of ten people are not satisfied with the quality of medical services," he said a t a Cabinet's meeting, ForUm correspondent reports.

Azarov added that the government intends to develop a system of referent prices for medicines, and drug stores must follow these prices. The PM also ordered to set referent prices for medicines against hypertension from May 1. 

"I have set a task to introduce referent prices for medicines against hypertension from May 1, and I don't want to see a slightest deficit for this product, which dishonest suppliers can organize. I have asked Health Minister Raisa Bogatyryova to hold meetings with heads of regional and district administrations and mayors to explain the system of referent prices. I demand the local authorities and controling departments top deprive drugstores of licenses and close them if they set higher prices for medicines," Azarov said.

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