The National Bank of Ukraine develops a system of the issue of cards to Sberbank depositors of the former USSR, where compensation will be transferred.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has said on air of the program "Examination for Power" on the First National TV channel, UKRINFORM reports.

"Currently, the National Bank is working over a system of the issue of cards to all those depositors, whom compensation money will be transferred and every citizen, who will receive compensation, will have a choice: whether to go to any ATM to withdraw UAH 1,000 and spend it (it is his/her right) or to preserve this UAH 1,000 on profitable conditions at his/her deposit and to get a good interest from it," the head of government noted.

He assured that payment of compensations will not be carried out as one-time payments, consequently, it will not lead to inflation growth. "All those payments are extended in time and they will not be one-time payments," Azarov explained.

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