Vice Prime Minister and leader of the party Strong Ukraine, Serhiy Tihipko advises teachers, if they do not have enough money, to earn more by tutoring, or to change jobs.

He stated this during Wednesday's online conference in the social network Facebook, UKRINFORM reports.

"Living on 800 UAH is very hard both for the young and for older people. Earning big money as a teacher is impossible either. I personally taught common metals at a college for a few years. And I can say that, on the one hand, it is very interesting, because you meet with young people. But my money was never enough to support my family. I changed the profession and went that way. Today, if you're a good teacher, your can find an additional income in big cities. I have children and they have additional lessons with teachers," Tihipko said.

He is convinced that this situation will change when economic growth of 7-10% starts in Ukraine. "5.2% is rather good against the background of what is happening in Europe. But we can not call this an economic boom. We need 7-10% economic growth," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

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