A new method of fight for democracy will appear in Ukraine - collection of information about candidates for parliament. Organizers of public movements "Partnership 'New citizen" and "Honestly" have declared an intention to inform society about future parliamentarians and to do so they start gathering "national net" of public controllers.

Former fellows of President Yushchenko Oleh Rybachuk and Svetlana Zalishchuk believe that in such a way it would be possible to strengthen public influence on political processes.

Rybachuk and Zalishchuk talk to local deputies from opposition parties, suggesting them to dig our dirt about their opponents. Information will be centralized and published on "Google Group Chestno (Honestly)" and the distributed among mass media.

Internet resource "Honestly" informs that the work of the analytical group of 30 specialists, engaged into study of future lawmakers, will be financed by International Fund "Renaissance", a member of George Soros's "Open Society Foundations". The controllers will be granted 185 thousand hryvnias.

However, initiators of a new campaign are holding talks with other possible donors to increase the financing of the project. Rybachuk has allegedly addressed executive director of International Republican institute of US Michael Druckman with a request to support "Honestly".

American funds used to be the main donors of Ukrainian public organizations, participating in preparations to Orange Revolution. Former US state official, president of International Republican institute Lorne Craner informed that from 2002 to 2004 US State department allocated 65 million dollars to the Ukrainian opposition through various nongovernmental organizations.

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