Oksana Makar, 19-year-old girl raped and burned alive five days ago, testified for the first time yesterday late evening.

According to the girl's mother Tetyana Surovitska, the crime was reported on March 10, but investigators did not interrogate the victim referring to her unconscious state. Surovitska refuted the fact, saying her daughter was always conscious.
According to the press office of the prosecution department, on March 13 three suspects of rape and attempted murder were detained and put in custody. The investigation is in process. If found guilty the offenders face minimum 15 years of imprisonment.
According to the local media, two suspects had been released on their own recognizance due to the fact that they are sons of influential officials, but after the mass protest action in Mykoalyv they were put back in custody.
As the city hospital reported, the girl with 55% of burns is staying in the thermal traumatic surgery. Her state is extremely grave. For the moment the girl has undergone an amputation of an arm, but the doctors are considering further surgery.

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