Ukraine impedes the improvement of military power of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, aid to the head of the general HQ of Russia and former commander of RF BSF admiral Igor Kasatonov told journalists in Moscow.

"Replacement of ships is held within the agreements and contracts. The number of ships does not increase, but Ukraine insists that the parameters of new ships overpower the old ones, hence it is a separate system and the situation needs separate negotiations. Consequently, the issue is put on hold," Kasatonov said.

According to him, the matter concerns not only ships, but also aviation and other objects.
Kasatonov noted that the talks are very difficult, as "Ukraine stands on the position to let everything rot and fall apart, and then they will be ready to talk."

In response to the question whether the official visit of Russian Defense Minister on March 7 has changed the situation, Kasatonov said 'no' and the work and consultations must continue.

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