The government discusses a reform of control over safety of trading in foodstuffs. One of its key moments is setting up of a single control body, which will be created based on veterinary and phytosanitary services, the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service sources told UKRINFORM.

"Therefore, the number of permits should be cut, which are necessary for trading in foodstuffs. Since now the enterprise has to receive sanitary and hygienic opinions, protocols of compliance and other documents at over 10 instances," the specialists note.

According to new rules, the agency explains, a producer will not be obliged to prove the state that it violates nothing. The enterprise could independently conduct laboratory investigations. At the same time, it has to choose the laboratory - a producer could check its products both at own laboratory, at the state laboratory and at any private laboratory. However, a single control body will be entitled at any time and at any stage to take control samples and to check them independently without notification.

There is another important moment, in the opinion of experts. In the draft law "On Making Amendments to some Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Safety of Foodstuffs" it is noted that production and sale of foodstuffs dangerous for people's health will be punished by imposing a fine to the amount from 75 to 90 basic income amounts (UAH 1,200 - UAH 1,500). In more serious cases, when, for instance, damage was inflicted to health, a careless seller (producer) will be threatened by the term from two to five years, in case of death of a victim - by imprisonment for five to ten years.

However, the document hardly provides for settlement of all problems in the sector, agency representatives believe. Thus, for instance, some experts believe that a mechanism of bringing to responsibility is not well written down for trading in poor quality and dangerous foodstuffs.

This is an important remark. Since now a problem of food poisoning through a fault of both, a producer and retail sellers, is very important," the sanitary-epidemiological service of the Health Ministry emphasizes.

According to medical workers, the number of food poisonings in Ukraine increased by fourth against the previous year. At the same time, still we do no have mechanisms of influencing sellers, who disinform buyers. It is still easy for a producer to cheat a consumer through the use of cheaper components without pointing out information about them in the marking. In particular, it concerns goods with soya contents. The matter concerns that this raw material could be not only genetically modified. But thanks to its properties, soya absorbs water from the product and thus its weight in the foodstuffs could be larger than the weight pointed out in a certificate at the moment of production.

According to information of the International Finance Corporation, only 1% of total number of enterprises, working in Ukraine, introduces a system of product safety management. Currently, there are only 120 enterprises out of 12,000 companies. It is worth paying attention to another omission of officials - the draft law does not discuss trading in frozen products. Cases are not rare that prawns become approximately twofold lighter after defrosting, i.e. you paid for ordinary ice at a price of expensive marine products.

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