Introduction of referential prices for medicine will allow reducing its cost by 15-25% in 6-8 months, deputy head of the President's Administration Iryna Akymova told a briefing, ForUm's correspondent reports.

According to Akymova, prices for many imported medicine in Ukraine are many times higher than in neighboring countries. To change the situation the President ordered to work out a concept of referential prices.

"First of all it means limitation of maximum price at the level of producer's prices or at the price of customs border crossing. The figures will be calculated basing on average prices in several countries of similar level of development as Ukraine," the official said.

Akymova specified that such principle successfully works in many countries allowing limiting prices and their growth rates. "Such approach first stabilizes the prices, and in 6-8 months will lead to their reduction by 15-20% and by 25% for certain groups," she summed up.

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