Russian parliamentary committee on CIS affairs recommends the State Duma to ratify the agreement on informational and cultural centers, concluded between Russia and Ukraine 14 years ago.

"We suggest the house to consider this issue at the next session, on March 13," head of the parliamentary committee Leonid Slutski told journalists.

He reminded that the given agreement was signed back in 1998, and that Ukrainian side ratified it the next year. "It is our old debt to Ukraine," the official noted.

According to Slutski, ratification of the agreement will give rise to "mutual cultural penetration and will give additional opportunities for Russian humanitarian expansion."

"The agreement will enable creation of new cultural institutions, as there are only two for the moment - in Moscow and Kyiv," Slutski said.

The official believes that creation of such cultural institutions in Ukraine must be started from Lviv, where nationalistic moods prevail. "In this very city Russian cultural centers will be very important," Russian MP said.

The activity of cultural centers includes holding art exhibitions, creation of public councils and clubs, assistance to scientific workers and language teachers of both countries, working in local educational institutions.

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