Former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko, sentenced to four years in prison, will not ask for parole, as he stated this in an interview with the Ukrayinska Pravda, published on the website of People's Self-Defense.

In response to the question whether he expects to be released before the end of 2012, Lutsenko said no.

"Parole is a competence of administration of the penitentiary facility. According to the article I was processed and sentenced, early release is possible only after servicing three quarters of the term. Hence, this does not give me a possibility to live free and to be cured in 2012," he said.

"Just in case I want to say I will not write any pardon appeals that excite so much the imagination of the Mezhyhiria mafia," Lutsenko added.

Lutsenko also declared that he did not hold any talks to obtain a conditional sentence. "Neither I nor my defense team had any contacts with the Prosecutor General's Office. But that statement by Renat Kuzmin (deputy prosecutor general - ed.) about my partial admission of guilt, which I never gave, was some kind of a proposition to cave in to the authorities and to get parole," Lutsenko said.

In response to the question about confiscation of ршы possessions, Lutsenko said he owns a small deposit in Sberbank and the fifth part of his father's four-room apartment in Rivne. "I believe my brother should get ready to share a kitchen with the Prosecutor General. :)," he added.

"The prosecution also believes that the car Toyota I was using also falls under confiscation. But this car was bought in an automobile showroom under the name of my wife. I don't know whether it is an obstacle for the confiscation. The blind says: We will see," Lutsenko summed up.

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