Banks of Uzh River in Zhytomyr region are covered with dead fish. The fishery inspection department declares that the situation is catastrophic.

The fish was supposed to spawn next week, but is dying instead together with eggs. Local fishermen cannot eat even caught alive fish - it strongly smells of chemicals.

The river waters are covered with white foam. Local residents say such situation is not the first and blame local enterprises for contamination.

"There are up to hundred dead fish for a square meter. Fish just wants to get out of the water. Some ecological catastrophe has happened here," leading specialists of the ichthyology department of the fishery inspection department Serhiy Prokopenko commented on the situation.

A special investigation commission is now working at the place. Representatives of the fishery department have counted up to one thousand and a half dead fish on the 250 meters of the bank. Financial losses make more than three million hryvnias.

The worst is that the contaminated water has got into Pripiat River, and in a week unknown chemicals will kill fish in Dniper in Kyiv.

"Such mess cannot have an excuse. The matter is that a spawning season starts in a month. You understand that this fish died together with billions of eggs," head of the fishermen association of Ukraine Oleksandr Chistyakov expressed his indignation.

Causes of water contamination will be revealed in the results of an expertise in a week.

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