Ukrainian opposition, which uses only one thesis about the release of BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko, in fact does not present any alternative system of values to the society and electorate, a political expert Volodymyr Tsybulko believes.

"What we have is the confrontation between former power and the current one. And in this process the society does not see any political alternative or integral concept of country's development. One party is fighting for the power and another party is defending its positions, but within this fight there is no place for ideology, strategy or consistency. The question of political repression is important, but the electorate should understand what may happen after the release of Tymoshenko or Lutsenko. The problem is that neither the society, nor politicians themselves know what will happen. Neither Yatsenyuk, nor Turchynov or Tymoshenko herself would know what to do in case of release of the latter," the expert said.  

According to Tsybulko, not everyone understands the importance of development of political alternative. "Development of integral concept of political alternative is too complex and multilevel work for passive and non-creative Ukrainian opposition. For the opposition it is easier to use only one understandable thesis than to be engaged into serious ideological work," the political expert noted.

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