Ukraine will lift the ban imposed on import of Belarusian dairy products only if the Belarusian side provides guarantees of proper control over the presence of antibiotics in these products, first deputy head of the State veterinary and sanitary service of Ukraine Volodymyr Gorzheyev informed.

"The Belarusian side must provide state guarantees that its sanitary services has total control over the health condition of animals, diseases of animals and content of antibiotics in raw and ready products," he told journalists Thursday in Kyiv.

Gorzheyev also assured that the ban on Belarusian dairy products has nothing to do with politics, but has been imposed due to high content of antibiotics in this kind of production, exceeding the norms set by Ukrainian legislation.

According to the official, the Belarusian side was warned about possible ban in autumn of the last year. He also emphasized that the ban is temporary.

Speaking about the ban on Belarusian pork, the official says it also will be lifted if Belarus proves there is no African swine fever virus on its territory.

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