Ukrainian women can make same carrier and get same salaries as men, if the latter take maternity leave more often, director of UN Population Fund in Ukraine Nuzhat Ehsan declared.

"Generous financial assistance for maternity leave promotes gender inequality in Ukraine. It turns out that this norm works for women discrimination. While choosing a candidate for this or that position, an employer would take rather man than a young woman, as maternity leave the employer would have to pay is very expensive," the official said, according to TSN TV channel.

According to Ms Ehsan, as a way to solve the problem Ukraine should introduce a legislative norm to enable men to take maternity leave (Ukraine has such norm, but a few use it), and then a woman would not "drop out" of her carrier for a long period of time.

"Another way to help a woman to manoeuvre between work and family is the introduction of flexible working hours. Modern technological level allows to work at home and at any time. Introduction of flexible working hours will enable women to leave their work earlier to take children from kindergarten or to leave the office during the day. Such norms are being successfully used in the UN system and in many EU countries," the official said.

According to her data, such measures may also assist the birthrate in the country, as many Ukrainian women refuse having children due to impossibility to combine carrier with raising children.

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