The State veterinary and sanitary service of Ukraine temporary bans starting on March 1 the import of milk and dairy products from Belarus, as well as meat of animals, amenable to African swine fever, mainly pork.

The Ukrainian veterinary service reported Wednesday that during February the state sanitary control department revealed systematic violations of the veterinary and sanitary requirements of Ukraine. In particular, the maximal levels of concentration of veterinary drugs were exceeded in the Belarusian dairy products.

"And this in its turn indicates regular violations and lack of state control over veterinary drug use and observance of requirements of the importing country by Belarusian enterprises," the State veterinary service says in a statement.

The State vet service also reminded that on February 16 in the village of Niaznanava in Navagrudak district in Belarus, the entire pig population of the private farms was withdrawn and eliminated (burned). According to the statements of the Belarusian Ministry of Agriculture and the Department of Veterinary and Food Control, such measures were taken within a training course against African swine fever virus.

"Taking into account that Belarus is a member of the Customs Union, which implies neither customs nor veterinary control at the state borders with Russia where the situation with African swine fever has been complicated for the last five years, there is a risk of African swine fever virus coming to Ukraine from Russia via Belarus," the Ukrainian department notes.

According to the State vet service, in case of contamination on Ukraine's territory, the authorities would have to ban grain export, eliminate considerable part of pig population and take other limiting measures, which would bring negative for economy consequences.

"Situation with ASF in Russia and Belarus threatens biosecurity of Ukraine," the State service declares. In this connection the meat import from Belarus is banned until all circumstances are clarified.

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