Extreme inequalities in wealth undermines belief in success of the country and its individual, prime minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov declared opening the meeting of the Cabinet, ForUm correspondent reports.

"Inequalities in wealth impede development of Ukraine. It undermines belief in success of the country and its individuals. According to the public poll, our people believe that success is possible only thanks to contacts and corruption, and such belief impedes the county and its nation to reach its full potential," the premier stated.

According to Azarov, the inequalities must be gradually eliminated, as such situation only deepens the crisis.

The PM informed that according to the statistics 10% of the poorest citizens of Ukraine receive only 2% of the total amount of social benefits, while 10% of the richest citizens get 22% of benefits. "Ten time more. This is absurd. Such corrupted system should not exist," he said.

In this connection Azarov charged the Ministry for social policy with a job of holding inventory of social benefits in order to modernize the system.

"I instructed the Ministry for social policy to analyze all kinds of social benefits and work out a new simplified and modernize system of state financial support. We should stop spending budget means on benefits for wealthy people," Azarov said.

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