Ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko will be drawn to work at Kharkiv's Kachanivka colony, where she is serving her sentence, Head of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General of Internal Service Oleksandr Lysytskov told a press conference in Vinnytsia, according to UKRINFORM.

"Tymoshenko in the future will be involved in work at the colony. She will improve her health and work," Lysytskov assured.

He noted that under the law, work at penal institutions is provided for all. The only exception is the retired, disabled, sick and pregnant women.

"For others - we recommend. If a person refuses categorically, of course, we do appropriate educational work," the Penitentiary Service head said.

Lysytskov also urged against overpoliticizing the issue of detention of the ex-prime minister in the colony.

"The court made a judgment - we do not refer people to this or that caste. There is equal treatment of all both in terms of medical care, nutrition and educational work, as well as the standards and requirements stipulated by the penal code. Therefore, there is no need to over-politicize this process," the head of the penal agency said.

According to him, up to 155 thousand people are serving their sentences at the Penitentiary Service institutions, about 112 thousand are in prisons and the rest at detention centers.

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