The permission to hold high-ranked positions after reaching the age of 65 is stipulated by the necessity to have experience, not only intellect, while governing the country, Party of Regions deputy Mikhailo Chechetov opined.

"Just intellect is not enough to govern the state, experience is also needed, and it comes with years," Chechetov noted.

In addition, the official believes that cancellation of age limit for high-ranked officials brings Ukraine closer to European standards and to world standards in general.

"Recall when Americans elected Reagan the president. He was 71! And at the age of 75 he was elected for the second term. And if not for the limitation of service term, which is two times only, Reagan would have been elected again at the age of 79," the MP underlined.

Chechetov believes that the opposition stands against this draft bill only to have additional motive for criticism.

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