Every twentieth pupil of a school or kindergarten has parents working abroad. "Every twentieth child of Ivano-Frankivsk unfortunately is deprived of everyday parent's love and petting," deputy mayor of the city Mykhailo Veres told a seminar "Migrant workers of Ivano-Frankivsk - past and present."

He underlined that "such situation is a big problem and big tragedy."

"At first children suffer from absence of mother or father, but in several months and years a child becomes financially oriented, and waits for his parents not to come home, but to bring or send money," the deputy mayor explained.

According to his data, there are 1.5 thousand children studying in Ivano-Frankivsk schools and kindergartens, whose parents are migrant workers. 400 children have both parents working abroad.

The total number of pupils in the city is 30 thousand children.

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