The medical commission with participation of foreign doctors, who examined ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko at the Kachanivka colony, came to the conclusion that she does not require hospitalization or surgery, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka told journalists Friday.

The official added that Tymoshenko has some problems with her back, but in general the conclusions of the joint medical commission are consistent with previous findings of Ukrainian experts.

The Prosecutor General noted that the results of the examination as well as key methods of diagnostics and rehabilitation were confidential and were given to Tymoshenko personally.

He also noted that the Prosecutor's General Office and State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine were ready to give Tymoshenko a permission to undergo examination in any state or private medical institution, but the international medical groups did not need it and held the examination in the penal colony.

At the same time, Tymoshenko's lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko declares that German and Canadian doctors concluded that there were serious problems with her health.

"The German and Canadian doctors said absolutely clearly that Yulia Tymoshenko’s health condition is serious, they noted problems with her back, which the ex-premier and defense have been talking about for four months," Serhiy Vlasenko told reporters outside the Kachanivska prison.

He also claims that officials of the Ministry of Health were aware of true state of Yulia Tymoshenko’s health. "But the Ministry of Health proposed physical exercise as treatment and even forbade crutches, while the independent doctors are saying she requires serious comprehensive treatment, including possible surgical intervention. Those are roughly the findings of the German and Canadian doctors," he said.

The ex-premier’s lawyer also added that Yulia Tymoshenko still does not know the results of the examination. "Yulia Tymoshenko had the envelope (with the results) for several minutes and then it was taken away," he said.

"As soon as we have the results, we will go public with a part of them,” he added.

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