Tetiana Adamenko, head of the agrometeorology department, says that basing on the results, which recorded the condition of the plants before the cold snap, about 20% have not risen. "I think that the cold will add at least 20-30%," she said, National radio reported.

Adamenko explained that they had already received the results of samples that were taken in January, before the onset of frosts.

She noted that a more accurate assessment of the state of winter crops after hibernation will be made by the end of March.  The expert reminded that this year record low temperatures were registered in some regions at a depth of the tillering node. In the southern provinces, the frozen layer of soil this year is more than a meter, whereas in the past 20 years it was less than 20 cm.

Earlier, the Agriculture Ministry said that, of the 8.4 million hectares of winter crops sown for the 2012 harvest, Ukraine will have to reseed 2-3 million hectares in the spring due to adverse weather conditions in autumn-winter period.

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