The Green Party of Ukraine calls on the President to veto the law on construction of centralized nuclear storage facility near Kyiv, in the Chornobyl zone, the Green Party Chairman Denys Moskal has said, the press service of the Green Party of Ukraine informs, according to UKRINFORM.

According to him, further accumulation of the volumes of spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste in the Chornobyl zone means growth of risks for neighboring densely populated regions, including the capital. Moreover, transportation of the nuclear waste from operating NPPs via the whole territory of Ukraine to the future centralized waste storage is also dangerous.

Green party members consider as an acceptable alternative expansion and improvement of storages at NPPs for further temporary storage of spent nuclear fuel.

As reported, the Parliament adopted the law which allows construction of the centralized storage of spent nuclear fuel in Kyiv region. The storage will be located on the site between several villages in the exclusion zone on the territory subject to radioactive contamination as a result of the Chornobyl disaster.

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